What do singers such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban, Kelly Clarkson, Faith Hill and many more stars have in common? They all study the vocal method Speech Level Singing™ (SLS)…not to mention countless Broadway stars and Metropolitan Opera winners. The goal of Speech Level Singing is to teach you a way of using your voice freely and clearly anywhere in your range. This technique allows an effortless use of your voice, allowing artistic expression and connection through all registers (no breaks). From Opera to Rock, Pop to Broadway, or Jazz to R&B, students have the opportunity to sing their favorites while learning proper vocal technique.

Using the SLS technique, Melanie will teach a variety of exercises based on the individual needs of the student. These exercises are essential for expanding range, building strength and vocal elasticity to allow students to sing with ease through all registers. Melanie offers an encouraging learning environment for singers of all ages and abilities. Frequency of voice lessons depend solely on the goals of the student, however, weekly lessons are highly recommended to ensure proper vocal progression … consistency is key!!! To book a private lesson, or if you have any questions, please contact Melanie today!



Melanie teaches voice lessons to students across the United States, as far as Europe and Asia, using internet video chat software (Skype).

Internet lessons are ideal for those who do not live in close physical proximity to Melanie’s Winter Springs studio, or for those who prefer the convenience and comfort of taking lessons from your own home. Actually several nearby students find these lessons more convenient because it eliminates traffic.

Skype is a free video chat program which allows you to communicate via your internet connection from virtually anywhere in the world with amazing clear call quality. You can download this program to your computer, tablet or smart phone. All you need to get started is high speed internet, a webcam and a microphone. To book an internet lesson, or if you have any questions, please contact Melanie at melanie@myvocalstudio.com or 407.951.4100.



The larynx, the bump in the middle of the neck, which rises up during the swallowing process, is home to the vocal cords. A raised larynx will result in tension, distortion of the words, and disconnection of the voice. Most singers in an effort to belt are actually straining, using the outer swallowing muscles to produce the desired sound, resulting in a high larynx. This is an unhealthy vocal production and can cause damage to the vocal cords over time. Speech Level Singing (SLS) enables you to sing with a resting larynx, eliminating the outer muscle activity, as you sing through your entire vocal range.

The SLS technique trains the voice to blend through the bridges by balancing the flow of air and muscle. As an outcome, the resonance will shift properly and evenly through the bridges with no breaks resulting in a free tone. The tone will contain a balance of top, middle, and bottom harmonic qualities, like a good stereo system. So, basically the result is that you can sing easily through your entire range with freedom and ease. Most importantly, the Speech Level Singing technique is versatile and supports every style of music. It is the foundation upon which all singers can build their own style and unique artistry. We do not teach what to sing, but how to sing, SLS can be applied to all genres of music.


Melanie Galiardo has been teaching voice for fifteen years and is passionate about singing and helping others improve to their fullest potential. She is Central Florida’s only certified Speech Level Singing Instructor. Melanie received her Master’s in Music in Vocal Pedagogy from Belmont University and her Bachelor’s in Music from Stetson University.

You can also find Melanie coaching her clients in the recording studio helping to capture a perfect blend of technique, performance and artistry. Additionally, Melanie is a seasoned performer and is currently Artist-In-Residence for Central Florida Community Arts. Melanie was personally invited by Seth Riggs, founder of Speech Level Singing, to perform at his SLS Artist Showcase after hearing her sing in his LA studio.

Melanie believes strongly in continued education to improve herself as a singer and teacher. In addition to attending annual teacher training, master classes and conferences, she studies privately from many of the nation’s top vocal instructors. Whether singing is your hobby or your career, personalized lessons with Melanie will build your voice into a strong, flexible instrument.